Watt Newsletter No.2 - December 2012


A Travel Newsletter with a Difference

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Greg Watt travelling through Europe

Anne biking in ThailandClimbing Mt Yasur, Tanna Island VanuatuAnne with baby Kendall at Jack Village, Tanna Island, VanuatuGreg on boat rental CroatiaGreg at Lenakel, Tanna Island, Vanuatu

In our first Newsletter, we introduced our various travel undertakings. As most will be aware Anne and I own and run Hobsonville House B & B, in Hobsonville Auckland. We also run & are joint owners of Sanddollar Vanuatu, a large holiday rental property just out of Port Vila, Vanuatu.We are passionate about travel & aim to provide a point of difference -  Real Travel.
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Hobsonville House Bed and Breakfast 

photos of Hobsonville House bed and Breakfast

Hobsonville House B & B really came about because we enjoy talking to like minded people - travellers, and  it was started due to the great experiences we ourselves have had staying in B & B's throughout Europe. We provide a modern European-Pacifica fusion decor, with the emphasis on an excellent bed, an awesome breakfast and stimulating conversation. It has been a fantastic means for us to promote New Zealand to both visitors and Kiwi's alike.
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Sanddollar Vanuatu - Enjoy a Real Island Experience in Paradise

sunset at Sanddollar Vanuatu

We have owned Sanddollar Vanuatu, along with Anne's sister and her husband for eight years now, and stems back to our days living in the islands (in the eighties). We have spent the time since building an idyllic tropical paradise, which has a true quality island style setting for guests to appreciate. Increasingly our guests are returning again and again, to bask in the great coastal living, superb snorkeling and water sports, fantastic swimming pool on the beachfront, wonderful quality bungalow accommodation (with bifold doors opening fully to reveal sweeping views of TukTuk bay), and the great open 'Haus Wind' kitchen and lounge.
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Tanna -  Adventures - for a trip you will remember forever !

View From Esso and Rachels place, Tanna Island Vanuatu

We have also become involved with a community on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu - which is renowned for it's volcano Mt Yasur. We  believe that Tanna is a unique island which offers travellers an amazing experience, and are excited to be involved. Being able to help and promote such a special place has been extremely rewarding and everyone who has stayed with Esso and Rachel have come back buzzing.
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traveller-info.com/TravellerBlog  - Travel  Advice, Opinions,  & Tips.

Umbreallas in Switzerland

We have always travelled, and have recently started to compile a catalog of travel experiences we have had, and continue to have the privilege to do. The ability to combine the things that you are passionate about, & love doing, - with your job is rare. The result has been 'traveller-info', and we we hope to provide great ideas, suggest different travel options and be a forum for travellers in general.

In this respect we have set up and continue to set up a variety of travel 'Web-Trees' (see below), which are a combination of websites, Blogs, and Social Media sites which are intended to provide you with a selection of travel insights. Most information will be freely available, with a future selection ( introduced in six months to a year away) having a small charge - similar to purchasing 'Apps' for your phone / tablet. We think that the selections we will be introducing will be relevant, exciting and you will find extremely useful. We also are working on a number of travel 'Apps' for your Smartphone / Tablet.
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Keep Up To Date  - Travel  Options, Tips, Views, & News

Real Travel.

Turkish food in Istanbul

We are avid travellers, and are great believers in 'Real' travel - travel where you get to see what a country, its people, and its cultures are really like, not what's on a predefined tourist trap.

Following the way less travelled, does not mean that you should endure every kind of hardship known to mankind to achieve this insight. On the contrary, enjoying all the great culinary experiences offered by a country's tradition, forms an important aspect of any travel. It also doesn't mean that you should avoid  iconic sights and sites .... just how and when you go to see them.  Along with this - a comfortable nights sleep is important as there is no way anyone can appreciate what is unveiled to them, unless they are well rested.

Anything we recommend will have these things in mind. Of course there are occasions, where they are just not available - but generally this is more than made up for by the people around you, and what you get to see and do !

It is planned that complete Categories at www.traveller-info.com/TravellerBlog will be devoted to  culinary experiences and a selection of accommodations which we can recommend.


view of dining table in the Haus Wind








Web-Tree :
Website   :  http://www.sanddollar.co.nz
Blog    :  http://sanddollar.co.nz/SanddollarBlog
FB:  www.facebook.com/Vanuatu.Sanddollar
Author     :  https://plus.google.com/+GregWattTraveller

Information, news, tips and bookings for Sanddollar Vanuatu, holiday rentals in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The Sanddollar travel blog was started to provide guests with all manner of information, from getting to Sanddollar from port Vila airport, through to the many great things which can be done at Sanddollar.

Dont't be herded into the same old holiday you always seem to do - live a 'Real' holiday and see all the fantastic things you can see and do. The following a a small selection of blog posts on the Sanddollar Blog.

Why Vanuatu &Sanddollars Haus Wind
where to Stay ?

Flights to Vanuatu ?getting off an Air Vanuatu Plane

Driving to 'Sanddollar' entrance to Sanddollar
from Port Vila Airport

Experience Great Divingdiving with Devils Point Dive
with Devils Point Dive.

Spend a morning or AfternoonPlants at Mele Cascades
at Mele Cascade Waterfalls

Kayaking around
"Tuk-Tuk" Baykayaks at Sanddollar

Being by the Seaswimming pool by the sea

Dawn at Sanddollar : Mylooking through the Haus Wind at Sanddollar
favourite time of day.

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Gondolas in Venice

Web-Tree :
Website   :   https://traveller-info.com
Blog      :  http://traveller-info.com/TravellerBlog
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TravellerBlog
Author     :  https://plus.google.com/+GregWattTraveller

Information, advice, views and opinions regarding 'Real' travel throughout the world. We envisage that Traveller-Info will grow, ultimately providing resources and Apps for trips, walks and tours for independent travellers at various locales around the world. Traveller-Info is based on years of our own travel and is distinctly coloured by our own views and opinions. Recent posts on our Blog :

view on the Amafi Coast, ItalyThe Real Reason
for this Travel Blog.

Real Travel -Pont de Gard, France
Do it, don't just watch it.

"Places to Go, Things to Do"
Dean Starnes
A Travel Inspiration.
Dean Starnes Book

San Francisco -Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
An Introduction

Who is sucked in by the 
cheap travel Its never what it seemsadvertising,
with glossy marketing ?

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Travel 'Web-Trees'

We have set up or in the process of setting up a number of travel 'Web-Trees'. A Web-Tree is a collection of inter-related web based sites or branches which collectively provides you as the traveller, a varied means of obtaining information, interacting with us and being social.

Travel Web Tree Diagram

Each 'Web-Tree' is specific to a place, destination, country or travel concept. In a number of cases they are associated with a travel property or operation we are involved or partnered with, while in other cases their purpose is solely to provide you the traveller with the benefit of our experiences, views and tips.

Have a Look at my 'Authorship' Page

Greg Watt

Why a Google+ page when Facebook is so dominant, and what is a 'authorship' page.

The answer is simple - Google has set up a system within its search engine mechanism, which gives credit to recognized authors in respective field within the cyberspace, & to relegate to the the lower reaches of the web those "fly by nighters". This has been instigated by Google  to limit the amount of spam we all get and hate. It makes sense for us to get in behind this, & a central part of this is having a google+ page.

Greg Watt's Google + Page

Have a look at my google+ page, as it does allow me to comment on  all things Travel and is a great way for people to interact and comment to me as the author. I think you will find some interesting bits and pieces and be able to share your own experiences and ideas also.

Your next Holiday or Travel Trip ?

view of the Front of hobsonville house

Hobsonvile House-
Bed and Breakfast
Auckland New Zealand 

Hobsonville House provides quality bed and breakfast Auckland accommodation in New Zealand, within a contemporary 'kiwi' interior design. We are located in easy reach of both Auckland city central, and its surrounding countryside.

View of bed in Pukeko's rest, at hobsonville house

You will not be disappointed with your stay, fantastic beds, an impressive breakfast and plenty of hospitality. As well as this we can advise of many excellent things to do and see in both the local area, and the greater Auckland region.

see Hobsonville House website

image of travellers standing on the rim of Mt Yasur, tanna Vanuatu

Tanna - Adventures
Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Tanna is one of the "must see" islands of the tropical paradise that is Vanuatu. Let Tanna Adventures show you what is one of the most unique locations in the South Pacific, and allow you to step back into and admire another world.

If you just really want to see the worlds most accessible Volcano, Mt Yasur ( pictured above), or would like to see all that Tanna has to offer have a look at our website.

esso taking a Kastom Walk

See Tanna - Adventures Website.

view of Front Fare at Sanddollar

Sanddollar - Vanuatu

Enjoy an awesome South Pacific Holiday. Sanddollar Holiday Rental Accomodation provides quality island accomodation, on the main island of Vanuatu.

View of the sea front accommodation Fare, at Sanddollar Vanuatu

Sand Dollar has two accomodation Fare's, sleeping a maximum of 4 people each ( or a family of 5), plus a 'Haus Wind' Fare including an open kitchen and lounge.

sunset at Sanddollar Vanuatu

see Sanddollar - Vanuatu website