Watt Newsletter No.1 - September 2012



You know us through Sanddollar - Vanuatu, Tanna-Adventures, or Hobsonville House B&B. We are passionate about travel & this Travel Newsletter has information, views & news on the above, as well as Europe, Asia, & North America.

Sanddollar - Vanuatu

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A note from Anne & Greg Watt (Sanddollar - Vanuatu)

Dear ,

Anne at the Summit, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Greg Watt travelling through Europe

   We are Anne and Greg Watt, and you
know us through working with us in the
past at sanddollar. We are passionate
about travel and you may also know our
other travel related enterprises ( see below).
As well as our involvement in Sanddollar - Vanuatu, Tanna-Adventures  and Hobsonville House B & B, we have started a couple of associated travel blogs, and in the future, will be  providing  'in depth' travel information, news and tips for travel through parts of Europe, Asia and North America.


Keep Up To Date  - Travel  Options, Tips, Views, & News

Sanddollar Facebook Page,  Blog.

To keep up to date with what is happening with travel in Vanuatu, we have introduced  Sanddollar's Facebook Page and Travel Blog.
Our Facebook page provides a means to see what is happening in Vanuatu, as well as at Sanddollar and its immediate vicinity. 

Button to go to Sanddollar-Vanuatu's facebook page.

The Sanddollar Travel Blog provides a more in depth travel information and has views and opinions that every traveller to Vanuatu will find useful. Have a look to see for yourself ........................

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International Travel Blog - www.traveller-info.com
Want to travel internationally, have a look at our journey's and gauge the destination by our experiences. We are avid travellers, and want to share the great things we have seen and done, along with the not so great ..... The blog has both information and 'our opinions' of everything travel related, written and both an informative and entertaining way. Have a look to see for yourself ........................

button to go to traveller -info Blog

Travel Newsletter

We will be producing a monthly newsletter, which covers travel in Vanuatu, and New Zealand - but also  Internationally.

We do not intend it to be 'just another' travel newsletter, but will be based on our own travel excursions. While it will have detailed information, tips and news ...... it will also have our views and opinions. It will not be a bland regurgitation spun by various travel agencies, but real, entertaining and hopefully helpful  pointers for any travel opportunities you may be considering.

It will combine all aspects of travel in, tying together  the updated bits and pieces from all our travel webpages, upcomimg travel blog's and  facebook pages.
Photo of old men in Vanuatu attending the King of Tanna's celebration

Of course, if getting our newsletter is not for you, we understand. just unsubscribe at the bottom of this email.

Travel with Us 

Whether you are travelling to Auckland, on holiday, business or to see family and friends, look us up - we provide a suberb stay at 'Hobsonville House Bed and Breakfast'. If you are looking for an outstanding holiday experience, why not try Vanuatu - we have two wonderful options for you 'Sanddollar -Vanuatu' and 'Tanna-Adventures'.

view of the Front of hobsonville house

Hobsonvile House-
Bed and Breakfast
Auckland New Zealand 

Hobsonville House provides quality bed and breakfast Auckland accommodation in New Zealand, within a contemporary 'kiwi' interior design. We are located in easy reach of both Auckland city central, and its surrounding countryside.

View of bed in Pukeko's rest, at hobsonville house

You will not be disappointed with your stay, fantastic beds, an impressive breakfast and plenty of hospitality. As well as this we can advise of many excellent things to do and see in both the local area, and the greater Auckland region.

see Hobsonville House website

image of travellers standing on the rim of Mt Yasur, tanna Vanuatu

Tanna - Adventures
Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Tanna is one of the "must see" islands of the tropical paradise that is Vanuatu. Let Tanna Adventures show you what is one of the most unique locations in the South Pacific, and allow you to step back into and admire another world.

If you just really want to see the worlds most accessible Volcano, Mt Yasur ( pictured above), or would like to see all that Tanna has to offer have a look at our website.

esso taking a Kastom Walk

See Tanna - Adventures Website.

sitting in cape cod chairs at sanddollar, Vanuatu

.Sanddollar - Vanuatu

Enjoy an awesome South Pacific Holiday. Sanddollar Holiday Rental Accomodation provides quality island accomodation, on the main island of Vanuatu.

View of the sea front accommodation Fare, at Sanddollar Vanuatu

Sand Dollar has two accomodation Fare's, sleeping a maximum of 4 people each ( or a family of 5), plus a 'Haus Wind' Fare including an open kitchen and lounge.

sunset at Sanddollar Vanuatu

see Sanddollar - Vanuatu website