Watt Newsletter No.5 - April 2015


Vanuatu Needs Help : Tanna Island is now Desperate


Tanna before Friday 13th

This is the Tanna Island we know, and its rich culture, friendly people & awesome attractions have touched the hearts & minds of many.

Tanna Island received a direct hit from one of the most devastating Cyclones known ...... ever !



See your help make a difference to a local community.


90%  are Homeless !

The photo at the top is Chief Jack Kapum, one of the paramount chiefs of Tanna Island sitting in the ruins of his house. His village has been totally destroyed.

All of Middlebush Area of Tanna has been devastated, with 90% Homeless.



You can provide Help by Donating.

All donations will go directly to purchasing and getting building materials where they are needed.


Shelter - It's urgent but it won't happen overnight.

Our aim is to help provide Shelter to the people of Middlebush, Tanna Island.


You can Help by Contributing.

Contact us in to see how you can contribute through our helping hand program in the Middlebush Area of Tanna.