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Destination Highlights

Are you sick of sterile travel destinations that have that "sameness" about them. We highlight authentic travel destinations that will re-kindle  your interest in exploring new places.

Travel FAQ's

We cover travel FAQ's which are constantly updated. Want to know about canny packing, transport options at various destinations, what to do about currency, going to the markets, and cultural & adventure experiences ?

Blog Summaries

A brief summary of the great travel blog posts made on "WATT" over the previous month, with each summary outlining subject matter that will interest travellers. We also select one blog post to highlight which we feel is topical for the newsletter.

Special Offers

From time to time we provide special offers in the way of recommended itineraries at particular destinations, and "must see and do" experiences. One-off offers and coupons may also include individualised itinerary preparation on "the road less travelled".

Topical Academic Articles

Not for everyone, but academic articles can provide a better understanding of destinations, their strengths and weaknesses, and associated issues affecting tourists and host communities. To be of interest to everyone, only articles that are relevant to highlighted blog posts are referenced.

Tourism Predictions

What is likely to happen in the future within travel and hospitality. What destinations are running hot, and are either "must go to" or "must avoid" places, depending on your perspective. Both short and long-term trends are likely to affect where you go to next, or even the travel you are about to undertake !

Sustainability & Responsible Travel

Latest information regarding sustainable tourism issues and methodology. Who in the tourism industry is doing it and who isn't ? Also, it's always good to get updates on what we should do as travellers to ensure that we update ourselves on the best responsible travel practices.

Recommended Travel Post or Article

There are some great travel articles and blog posts by others, that are well worth reading. We include an article that we have read during the month, which we believe is well worth reading, and provides great insights into an aspect of travelling.


Travel and Tourism Newsletters 2018 - watt.nz

Newsletter - Special
Launch of watt.nz - Dec 2018

Introduction Newsletter for watt : follow our footsteps (https://watt.nz), outlining the website as a awesome resource for travellers wanting authentic travel experiences. Along with a number of sample article posts, updates are included on Traveller-Info (https://traveller-info.com) and VanuatuTraveller (https://vanuatutraveller.com) as travel booking portals.


Travel and Tourism Newsletters 2017 - watt.nz

Newsletter - Special
Tourism Toolbox Appeal

Tourism-Toolbox” is introduced, and a plea for travellers to get in behind the poverty alleviation program by becoming an “Avid Supporter”, and contributing to its objectives. The Newsletter provides valuable insights in regard to Melanesia, the poverty that encases Melanesian peoples, and the empowerment that community-based-tourism is able to provide. The objectives of Tourism-Toolbox are out outlined, in particular it’s cornerstone principle of including the culture and traditions of local communities, along with its focus on providing authentic travel experiences for travellers.

Newsletter - No. 6
Lets Celebrate Travel.

This bulletin updates the evolution of a number of tourism ventures. The increasing instability across the globe highlights the attraction of Vanuatu, where along with its Pacific neighbours, travellers are able to enjoy a break away that is culturally rich, scenically stunning and located in a region that is relatively touched by the outside world. Both the “Sanddollar” and “Vanuatu Traveller” websites have updated content and navigation, and updated to better service travellers needs with instant booking. The social initiative “Tourism-Toolbox” is also introduced.

Newsletter - No. 7
Reaction To Poverty.

Witnessing the consequences of catastrophes affects everyone in differing ways and personal reaction to adversity is not aways as expected. Observing Ni-Vanuatu people struggle to survive after cyclone Pam identified the need to develop resilience in remote communities by creating community based tourism parallel to, and empathetic with their traditional livelihoods. Newsletter No. 5 is promotes the idea of using tourism to enhance the lives of the poor in a way that also highlights their rich culture. A “hand-up” not a “hand-out”.


Older Newsletters 2012 to 2015 - watt.nz

Newsletter No 5 - Special
Cyclone Pam Appeal - April 2015.
  Newsletter appeal to subscribers after Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu and devastated Tanna Island putting the islands Ni-Vanuatu population at risk  

In March 2015 Cyclone Pam struck Vanuatu and traversed directly over Tanna island ruining the livelihoods of ninety percent of the island’s population. Ni-Vanuatu have a reliance on starchy foods such as yams, taro, sweet potato, and cooking banana, all of which were destroyed by the extreme event. While programs were instigated months later to transition local diets into quick growing vegetables, this was not available in the immediate aftermath. Newsletter No. 5 was a plea to past travellers to help communities living in the central region.

Newsletter - No. 4
Travel Update - Nov 2014.
  From 2014 watt.nz concentrates on its offerings in Vanuatu, and updates on Tanna-Adventures and Sanddollar are outlined  

With the sale of the Hobsonville House property, Vanuatu has become the main focus of watt.nz, and the great attributes that Vanuatu offers to travellers and holiday makers is concentrated on. Sanddollar, and Tanna-Adventures are featured and the knowledge portal of Vanuatu-Traveller is a major focus. Articles surrounding Vanuatu, Ni-Vanuatu peoples, travel to Port Vila, as well as the many unique characteristics of the other Vanuatu islands have to offer are included. Subscribers are also provided the opportunity to opt out if the Newsletter is not for them.

Newsletter - No. 3
Hobosonville House Accolades 2013.
  Enjoying being voted in the top ten International Bed and Breakfast acommodations by bedandbreakfast.com in 2013  

We take time out to pat ourselves on the back with Hobsonville House being accredited as one of the top ten international Bed and Breakfast’s in 2013 by the influential bedandbreakfast.com organisation. Updates on the newly introduced FAQ pages on the Sanddollar site are discussed, along with new tours and walks that are being included within Tanna-Adventures. In regard to the later, tours to Mt Yasur Volcano are expanded on and it is planned to introduce a series of Ni-Vanuatu cultural activities, tours and walks.

Newsletter - Special
Sanddollar Review - February 2013.
Communication with past customers of Sanddollar Vanuatu asking to post a review on Tripadvisor

Sanddollar has become an established and well frequented island styled accommodation on Vanuatu’s main island, and this Newsletter reaches out to travellers that have stayed at Sanddollar. The facility takes bookings mainly through Tripadvisor’s holiday rental website Flipkey, and past customers are asked to post a review. As a reminder of the great time they would have had on the coastal property a tripadvisor “tripwow” media clip is included highlighting the tropical paradise that is Vanuatu. Vanuatu offers great travel experiences around soft adventure along with relaxing tropical holidays.

Newsletter - No. 2
December 2012.
  Travel Newsletter outlining the travel web that is associated with the travel entities associated with watt.nz  

The idea of travel “web-trees” are discussed in our second Travel and Tourism Newsletter, and the various travel web trees that are associated with watt.nz are discussed. A web tree is simply the collection of interconnected web portals and social media that provides travellers with a variety of information regarding the travel entities that we are associated with. For Hobsonville House BnB, Sanddollar Quality accommodation, and the traveller-info.com travel portal, travel web-trees include their websites, associated blogs, facebook pages, along with author reputational substantiation.

Newsletter - No. 1
September 2012
  The introductory Travel and Tourism Newsletter from watt.nz introducing the involvement of Anne and Greg Watt in Authentic travel  

An introductory travel and tourism newsletter that outlines our activity in the tourism industry both in Vanuatu and New Zealand. In New Zealand, our running of Hobsonville House, a internationally recognised Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Auckland is discussed. However, the focus of the Newsletter surrounds Sanddollar and Tanna Adventures in Vanuatu. Sanddollar provides quality island accommodation on the main island of Efate, while Tanna-Adventures provides full landed tourism services on Tanna Island, one of the “must see” islands in this relatively untouched Pacific nation.


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