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What is Glamping?

What is glamping? Its name may suggest a simple response, but glamping is both complex and dynamic and engenders different meanings to different people.

To some, it is the ability to stay in the wilderness while enjoying superb cuisine, along with tremendous comfort and service. An open-air luxury hotel if you like, where guests indulge in lavish hospitality under the stars. For others, being close to and immersed in nature provides an intimate reconnection with the environment, wildlife and beautiful scenery. Customers reimagine themselves as explorers, engaged in a modern-day Age of Discovery. When the emphasis changes from absorbing to one of participating, glamping provides other glampers with physical, social and cultural experiences. Here, being part of something, learning or challenging oneself is prominent. Alternatively, being away from normality in a place of quiet tranquillity can be significant. Taking the time to reset, meditate and benefit from wellness pursuits has importance.

However, glamping experiences are typically not about any single focus, but instead, involve holistic interweaving several of its facets. It is the empathetic fusion and diverse combinations of its elements that make glamping hard to pin down.

Glamping is a Phenomenon.

There is a raft of opinion concerning what glamping is or isn’t. Views concerning stereotypical manifestations of glamping are diverse and divisive, harking back to the early 2000s. The lack of a clear understanding regarding its surfacing during this period adds to its opaqueness. This extends to the coinage of its terminology, which, of British origin, saturates most understandings surrounding it. Much of glamping’s emergence can be attributed to changes in the way people socialised; the ways in which they sought to be entertained or vacationed. The notion of glamping satisfied new social perspectives and emerged as a “new” phenomenon.

Forest outlook from a glamping platform, highlighting the novel experience of being within the tree canopy of a nature reserve.

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Tourists in Search of Authenticity and Originality.

Increasingly, people living in a post-modern world view their lives as being inauthentic, complicated, and contained within a strictly urbanised way of life. Glamping spaces enable people to enjoy a sense of escape, or to take time out to reset and reassess their lives. For many, a connection with the past provides balance, a time when life appeared simpler, where people interacted with the natural world instead of living within human-centred environments.

Glamping experiences include exquisite cuisine, prepared from local produce

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The "What is Glamping?" blog investigates those elements that are prevalent glamping spaces & glamping expreiences, and are essential to make glamping what it is.

What is Glamping?

It can be said that Glamping has been around for centuries in various forms. It's contemporary form appears to date back to 2005 and has been dynamically developing to suit the needs of tourists seeking more authentic, more sustainable and above all more unique experiences. So what exactly is Glamping?

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Glamping is an important tourism and hospitality type that is closely related to experiential tourism; providing hedonic, educational, escapist and aesthetic experiences for glampers.

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