An essential part of glamping is being able to enagage with nature at a personal level, and nothing does this more than viewing the sunrise over beautiful countrryside. This Glamping research investigates what it means to go glamping. It looks at glamping perspectives from both glamper and glamping entrepreneur perspectives.

"Sunrise in the Catlins, New Zealand" by Greg Watt - All Rights Reserved.

A Glamping Research Study Investigating the Wider Meanings and Understandings of Glamping.

Glamping is a mixture of Glamping Spaces and Glamping Experiences. This Glamping research seeks to understand the relative mix between the two for memorable stays. Further, it aims to understand how glampers and glamping entrepreneurs view nomadic shelter abodes represented by tentage, against permanent structures such as cabins, treehouses and pods.

"Main bedroom in side the Carriage at Rockwood Station" by Greg Watt, All Rights Reserved

Is Glamping Significant?

Glamping is a significant global trend in outdoor vacations, with access to, and adventure within, natural areas in a setting of luxury and comfort where gourmet meals, outstanding scenery, and authentic encounters round out the experience. Accompanied by a constant recasting of its imagery, along with increasing additions to its core attributes, glamping has grown in its depth and breadth of experiences.

What is The Purpose of This Research?

This study aims to contribute to the wider meaning and understanding of glamping through the views and opinions of glamping-entrepreneurs and glampers. It has a focus on what people within these two groups understand what it means to go glamping?

Presently, glamping remains relatively obscure within tourism, and interaction between producers and consumers is often mediated through online digital imagery. To what degree representations correspond to the views and beliefs of glamping-entrepreneurs and glampers may provide important understandings. Further, whether co-creation is at play between these two groups, and how glamping-experiences are created will contribute to academic knowledge. In accordance with Auckland University of Technology's protocols, a formal research information sheet is available to view.

The outcomes of the study will be of interest to both glamping-entrepreneurs and glampers by discerning how glamping manifests itself, along with the various forms existing globally.

We are Seeking Research Participants.

We are seeking people to participate in the research. Participants should be either Glampers or Glamping Entrepreneurs as outlined below:


Glampers are people who have stayed at a glamping facility. If you have stayed at a glamping facility, or what in your view is a glamping facility, then you are a glamper.

Glamping Entrepreneurs

Glamping-Entrepreneurs are either owners, employees or are associated with a glamping facility in some fashion. The critical characteristic is that you have some involvement with the running of a glamping facility. This may be a direct relationship where you have direct contact with glampers (it may be that you are contacted as a nature guide or hospitality provider). However, your involvement may also be indirect and while you don't have face-to-face contact with glampers, your role is one that helps make the glamping facility what it is.

What Will Happen in This Research?

By necessity, this global study is being carried out online. It consists of completing a survey where you will rank photographic images in order of how representative you think they are of glamping. The images have been taken from glamping websites and selected as broadly representing glamping-experiences. You will have your own views about what they are representing, with everyone’s opinions being equally valid.

From the collected information, the study aims to discover, investigate and theorise about commonalities of viewpoints between groups of people. It will explore similarities and differences between groups of respondents, as well as the spread of opinion within groups.

How do I Agree to Participate?

You can indicate your interest to participate through my email

Subsequently, you are able to complete a Consent to Participate form. I can send you an email with the form and simple instructions, or alternatively, you can go to the Consent Form Webpage. Both ways to fill in the form are similar and can be done fairly simply. On receiving your completed form, I will provide you with the links to complete the online research survey, along with a questionnaire concerning demographic information.

What Are the Research Benefits?

Benefits accrue to glamping-entrepreneurs, glampers, the researcher, and society. The study’s groupings will enable glamping-entrepreneurs to concretise their core elements, gaining a better understanding of how to augment these. As a result, they will be able to implement innovative glamping praxis resulting in more distinct glamping manifestations which meet a wider range of glamper expectations. Glampers will benefit through glamping sites that are better attuned to their wants and needs. Experiential tourism has become more valued due to the impacts of Covid-19, global warming and political unrest.

Glamping has been the subject of little academic research and initiating work in this area provides the researcher with the opportunity to gain knowledge around glamping and experiential travel. At the same time, the researcher is able to add value to a body of research which aims to contribute to meaningful experiences within tourism.

Further, better understandings about glamping have the potential to decentralise touristic activity away from high-intensity destinations into rural areas, run as a network of small-scale niche operations. As such, glamping can contribute to the development of a more sustainable and environmentally empathetic tourism footprint.

Can I Get a Copy of the Findings?

It is envisaged that the research findings will be of interest to you. To those who have requested, I will send links to both an online summary of findings and to the University’s digital repository Tuwhera where a digital copy of the full thesis will be available.

Hover and click images for Glamping Research: Information Sheet or Consent Form.

The Glamping Research Information Sheet has detailed particulars regarding the Glamping Research Study applying to Glampers and Glamping Entrepreneurs who wish to participate in the Study

Glamping Research Information Sheet

The Glamping Research Information Sheet has detailed particulars regarding the Glamping Research Study applying to Glampers and Glamping Entrepreneurs who wish to participate in the Study.

Click | to go to the Research Information Sheet.


The Glamping Participant Consent Form enables participants in the research to acknowledge their consent to take part in the Glamping Study.

Glamping Research Consent Form

The Glamping Participant Consent Form enables participants in the research to acknowledge their consent to take part in the Glamping Study.

Click | to go to Consent Form.


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