Efate Island | The main Tourism Hub of Vanuatu.

Efate Island is the main island of Vanuatu and is where its capital, Port Vila is situated. Possessing an appealing harbour, Port Vila is blessed with an extensive coastal frontage and excellent views of the seascape. Two adjacent lagoons add to the aquatic characteristics that greatly enhance Port Vila's coastal context.

Bauerfield International Airport is the main gateway to Vanuatu, making Port Vila one of the premier tourism hubs in the South Pacific. A wide selection of accommodation options to suit every visitor's needs are present, and a diverse range of cultural, and entertainment activities are available. Travellers do not need to travel too far to get away from it all, and Efate island offers great coastal scenery, a number of offshore islands to get away on for an afternoon, or several nights, and a selection of sandy beaches to relax on, and coral reefs to explore.

Melanesian Culture, Tropical scenery, & Ni-Vanuatu People.

Efate Island is a destination that Highlights Melanesian Culture, Tropical landscapes, and Friendly Ni-Vanuatu People.
Being readily accessible to neighbouring countries it is a mere three hours away from Auckland and Sydney and less from Brisbane. It is literally an hour away from both Fiji and New Caledonia, making it an ideal landing place for those wishing to visit more than one destination in the South Pacific.

Port Vila provides a diverse mix of soft adventure, cultural expression, superb cuisine, enjoyable entertainment, a wide range of shopping opportunities. For those wanting spend time on the water, Port Vila has one of the most scenic harbours in the world to take a sunset cruise or a diving trip to one of the many coral reefs from.



Topical Waters & Coral Reefs

Similar to much of Vanuatu, Efate island has an extensive coastline of pristine tropical water and areas of coral reef that compare to the best in the world. Port Vila is situated in an idyllic setting, while Havannah Harbour, a natural anchorage used by the allied navy during the second world war, is now home to the most amazing sunsets. Efate's seascape has many attributes which are understated and a great experience for travellers wanting a destination that is not over-exposed.


Port Vila | A Place to Relax.

While Port Vila is the gateway hub to Vanuatu, it does not present an overpowering vista for visitors. Instead, there are many alcoves where travellers can hang out and relax, enjoy the cafes and informal eateries, and even have a game of petanque with the local Ni-Vanuatu. Perhaps it is an overhang of the French influence during the days of the British-French Condominium, but the influence of French cuisine, and French culture remain embedded today.


Sunsets are Amazing.

One of the great times of the day is at dusk, sitting around socialising with friends, or new acquaintances. Being closer to the equator, sunset always occurs throughout the year between 5.00-6.00 pm every day and with Port Vila and most of the island's accommodation situated on the west coast viewing the sun go down never disappoints. Its a great way to commence the evening's entertainment.


Port Vila Market | A Highlight.

With many Ni-Vanuatu living by subsistence farming, selling produce from their local village gardens is a thriving enterprise. Virtually anything is available, from traditional foods such as taro, yams, banana, pineapple and coconut, through to more Western vegetables such as carrot, tomatoes, beans and lettuce. Spices such as tumeric & ginger, along with herbs such as parsley, mint, corriander, chives and watercress are also readily available.


Getting Away From it All.

Getting away from it all is easy and as simple as a trip around the island along the ring road, visiting the Mele Cascade waterfall, taking in the view from the heights of Kleims Hill, and visiting any one of the smaller offshore islands of Lelepa and Moso, reached by boast from the fabulous Havannah Harbour. Alternatively, visit Pele and Nguna islands further around and on the other side of Efate from Port Vila, for experiences on the road less travelled. Further around on the west coast lie a multitude of sandy beaches for travellers to explore and enjoy.


Port Vila | Full of Colour.

As with most tropical destinations, Port Vila presents a colourful and vibrant image when the "flametrees' are out in full bloom. With a warm but not overpowering tropical climate along with adequate rainfall, Port Vila and its surrounding locality provides the ideal ecosystem for colourful trees. Flametrees, bougainvillea, frangipani, and hibiscus trees to show off their vivid colours, that seem to change in hue and shade with every passing hour of the day.


Ni-Vanuatu | The People.

In the end its all about the people. Ni-vanuatu are a welcoming, affable people that are proud of who they are, and more than willing to tell you about their history and Kastom. But it's the children that make the biggest impression, with their intense curiosity & friendly nature, they are able to find a multitude of things to play with despite having little in the way of material things. Ni-Vanuatu value education for their children, and know that it is the way forward to a better life for their children.


Jumpoff to Other Islands.

While Efate island is the first Vanuatu destination that most travellers experience, many visitors return in subsequent years and use Port Vila as a central hub to visit a number of the outer islands, especially Tanna and Santo. It is the friendly nature and intriguing culture that draws travellers back time after time. The diversity that is present amongst the eighty odd islands makes Vanuatu one of the most desirable and unique South Pacific destinations.

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A Unique Travel Experience

Vanuatu is a tropical paradise, it has islands galore, a unique coastline with fantastic harbours, rainforests and coconut plantations in abundance. On top of this, some of the worlds most striking natural occurrences are ever present. Live volcanoes, spectacular coral reefs, idyllic islands, unique wildlife and amazing sunsets await you.


BLOG | Authentic Vanuatu.

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