Image of modern glamping abode inside a traditional yurt imbuing glampers staying in accommodation with cultural immersion and historic connection.

"The Yurt" by j-fi (on flickr) is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Glamping as a concept, places glampers within authentically themed bubbles, that are usually close to nature and far removed from the everyday lives of busy urbanites.

Glamping-sites typically consist of diverse ensembles of spaces, and experiences which stamp each with their individual identity. They are champions of experiential tourism designed for people seeking authenticity and novelty. Depending on the situation glampers can; enjoy a break away from the grind, take time out to reset, or even transform themselves.

However, glamping has different connotations for different people, and various expressions surround the notion of What is Glamping ? depending on the mix of attributes perceived as being essential.

Historical Context of Glamping.

In its original concept, glamping embodied the juxtaposed notions that that are impossibly set together. Coined as a portmanteau from the words glamorous + camping, much of the descriptions, discussions and opinions centre on these two notions. The idea that one could be in the wild, close to nature but still indulge in the luxuries and comforts enjoyed at exclusive hotels, has captured the imagination of many. Visualisations of this original idea has glampers relaxing in lavish local surroundings with every wish attended to, and situated in surreal locations possessing outstanding natural beauty.

In practice, such locations are generally in remote areas of rugged terrain, where just arriving at the glamping-site is a feat in itself. However, in this original notion, glamping experiences are largely passive, taking in the magnificent scenery, and enjoying the extravagance that is bestowed. While there are glamping facilities that honour this original concept, deeper interaction with local surroundings and cultures have imbued individual glamping-sites with their authenticity and originality.

Image of glamping space located under clear night sky that is close to nature

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And, while glamping as a word may be relatively recent, the concept itself is steeped in history. Perhaps the first manifestation occurred during the era of the great Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan, where great tented cities frequently moved in search of better weather, follow herd migrations or conquer neighbouring territories. Eastern civilisations subsequently developed intricately designed and luxuriously appointed tented structures to provide their nobility shelter while they traversed their immense dominions. The development of such facilities reached their pinnacle during the reign of the Ottoman Empire with the creation of mammoth tented palaces that could be erected in remote locations.

Image of richly decorated Ottoman tent interior as a precursor of the luxury embodied within modern glamping abodes

"17th century Ottoman tent as permanent exhibition Turckische Cammer, Dresden Royal Palace, miriambatshimeon at and

Glamping Spaces and Glamping Experiences

Glamping Space as depicted by a historic yurt situated within a remote woodland area, highlighting the spaces relationship with nature and the environment

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All activities forming glamping experiences reconnect glampers to nature and past historical times.

"The Kitchen', Wadi Rum Dream Camp, Jordan." by Elias Rovielo (on Flickr) is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Glamping spaces are located close to places of scenic beauty or where historical interaction has occurred between human communities and nature

"Lock_20." by Alice Crain (on Flickr) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Today, above all else, glamping is about participation, the re-discovery of the natural world, experiencing diverse, eclectic activities and interacting with other cultures. Glamping takes on a variety of forms, from traditional tented structures through to novel technological shelters. All glamping attributes are empathetically disposed with each other and interweave providing a holistic experience that is truly memorable.

Successful glamping-sites provide a mix of elements empathetically fused to produce a holistic experience for glampers. Stripped down, these elements belong to either Glamping Spaces or Glamping Experiences.

In regard to glamping facilities, Glamping Spaces concern facility configuration, accommodation, promoted themes and immediate landscaping. While these are tangible aspects, Glamping Space also concerns intangible attributes such as cultural immersion, facility ambience and spatial uniqueness as important aspects.

While Glamping Spaces can be viewed as static characteristics, Glamping Experiences are fluid and dynamic activities initiated by glamping facilities. Still, they are ultimately co-created with glampers, instilling unique memories for the latter. Glamping Experiences possess active attributes that are characterised by “doing” rather than “watching”, where the focus is on participation. Mostly, Glamping Experiences are attuned to the location of the facility; bush walks, foraging, and nature-based outings near national parks; involvement in culinary concocting, viniculture and local horticulture in areas recognised for artisanal production; outdoor pursuits such as fishing, kayaking and nature photography in specific wilderness areas; and wellness and spiritual connection in beautiful serene settings.

Ultimately, glamping facilities can interweave their Glamping Spaces and Glamping Experiences together, providing them with authenticity and originality. Glampers create great memories, in conjunction with glamping facilities, through their involvement in holistic participation.

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