Tepees are a common shelter abode within glamping space and provide reinforcement of glamping's historic connection and sense of adventurous experience, wilderness adventure and cultural immersion.

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Glamping Spaces.

Glamping spaces embody combinations of glamping shelter abodes, their immediate surroundings, along with the greater environment in which space is set. Unique glamping spaces derive their particular distinctiveness through the relative merits of each of these three elements.

The imagery of Shelter Abodes within Glamping Space.

Glamping has typically been associated with imagery sympathetic to nomadic societies, bringing a strong sense of balance with nature and nature based tourism. The form of shelter abodes often determines the identity of glamping spaces; yurts from the transitory peoples of Asia Minor and Mongolia, Tepees from migratory North American Indians, the lávut of the Scandinavian Sami people, safari tents from European explorers in Africa, and arguably domes taken of the igloos of the Inuit people.

Space surrounding Glamping Shelter-Abodes.

The area immediately around glamping shelter-abodes determines the relationship with the surrounding environment. It is here where the theme of the glamping space expresses itself, providing atmosphere and ambience. Themes are generally nature-based, as most glamping spaces occur in remote or semi-remote rural regions. For glampers, much of the appeal concerns the rurality, or more correctly, the anti-urban nature of the experience. Theme variations abound, and glamping spaces can highlight beautiful landscapes, animal welfare, cultural awareness, natural wellness, wilderness adventure, culinary machination, or spiritual connection.

The perspective of glamping-entrepreneurs towards glamping is most clearly expressed in this precinct, and sites manifest themselves as either glamping as a motel, glamping as a hotel or glamping as an Eden. While glamping as a motel may provide guests with a curious stay, sites that aspire towards glamping as an Eden will provide more memorable experiences.

An important attribute of Glamping Spaces is the inclusion of luxurious appointment and exceptional comfort within glamping shelter abodes

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The Greater Glamping Environment.

The locale of glamping spaces largely determines their thematic expressions. Sites are designed to blend in with their surroundings, and glamping experiences offered are sympathetically situated. Both soft and adrenaline adventure activities can be found within wilderness areas, pastoral, horticultural and artisanal activities near farmland, and cultural pursuits within indigenous regions. It many cases, it is the greater glamping environment which provides the basis for those memorable experiences provided within glamping spaces.

Tub shaped permanent shelter abodes demonstrate the eclectic and unique characteristics of glamping shelter abodes

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Glamping Spaces form an important aspect of glamping and include its accommodation shelter abodes, the immediate area around the glamping facility providing  amenities and auxillary services for the space, along with the surrounding environment and topography in which the glamping space is situated.

Glamping Spaces.

Glamping spaces not only include accommodation spaces themselves, but also the immediate site habitat and facilities, along with adjacent landscapes and environment. Further, accommodation spaces have become more diverse and eclectic ensuring that individual Glamping sites are unique offerings.

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Glamping is an important tourism and hospitality type that is closely related to experiential tourism; providing hedonic, educational, escapist and aesthetic experiences for glampers.

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With Glamping being at the forefront of experiential travel, information, and opinions are valuable resources. The full range of blog articles concerning Glamping will be of interest to glamping-entrepreneurs, glampers and anyone interested in travel experiences.

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