Local settings determine the adventurous experiences undertaken by glampers

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Glamping Experiences.

There is no coincidence that the increase in popularity of glamping has mirrored the rise in interest of experiential tourism. While glamping spaces can provide stunning settings and ambience, it is glamping experiences that provide tourists with memorable moments. Unforgettable experiences are usually those that are rarely encountered, and for urbanites, experiences situated in rural or natural environments are infrequent. Glamping spaces provide exceptional platforms for a broad assortment of activities to be interwoven. Venturesome glampers are able to participate in adventurous, cultural and social pursuits.

Adventurous Experiences

The ubiquitous presence of tents, yurts and tepees conjure up imagery of adventure in times past, where walking trails, foraging, canoeing, fishing and sailing, fit comfortably with more contemporary activities such as outdoor photography, coasteering, paddleboarding cycling and rock climbing. In all cases, the focus for glampers is on doing rather than watching, and being able to participate is a critical element of glamping experience.

Experience within the Natural World.

Being close to nature creates a more intimate relationship with the food that the land produces, and allows glamping establishments to create experiences around unique cuisines. Glampers can participate in foraging expeditions, learn artisan crafts, engage with cooking classes, and take part in garden to table ventures. Glamping spaces that embrace historic glamping themes are able to reconstruct and incorporate ancient foods and artisanal methods of production. Glampers do not merely absorb the unfolding experiences but become immersed within, and a for a short time can live and understand a different world.

Glamping experiences are usually formed from the character and history of the surrounding environment. Identification with the past through historic connection and activities associated with times-gone-by form an important feature of glamping sites. Artisanal activity associated with cultural and social happenings add unique eclectic encounters for glampers.

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Social, Spirtual and Reflective Experiences.

While glamping provides various combinations of hedonic and pedagogic experiences, it can also offer fields of activities catering for social, spiritual and reflective yearnings of glampers. Notable glamping sites exist at critical ecological locations and have mission statements highlighting animal welfare, habitat destruction or local cultural decline. Glampers are able to be involved in restoration and support projects, and in the process can contribute to socially responsible actions.

Equally important, chaotic livelihoods create wear and tear on the inner-being of people, and reinforcement through spiritual and holistic activities has become a feature of several glamping sites. Quietness and solace, previously taken as universally accessible is now an experience seldom available, but one which can be a feature of natural environments. This atmospheric backdrop can be supplemented through yoga and meditation classes, pastoral retreats, massage and spa therapy, along with fitness and wellbeing sessions.

Much about glamping is turning normality "inside-out"; where luxurious and exotic experiences are turned on their ear by taking them out of their normal context, and placing them in eclectic situations, heightening the novel experience.

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Glamping experiences provide those memorable moments enjoyed by glampers during their stay, and includes adventurous experiences, artisanal activity, cultural immersion with indigenous cultures along with historic connections with local spaces.

Glamping Experiences

At its inception, a focus of Glamping entailed making life in the wild more comfortable. In many respects, glampers were passive tourists that enjoyed luxurious living in rural situations. Much has changed, and today the focus has shifted from "watching" to being involved and "doing". Experiences form a vital component of Glamping.

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Glamping is an important tourism and hospitality type that is closely related to experiential tourism; providing hedonic, educational, escapist and aesthetic experiences for glampers.

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