Map of Vanuatu with all the main islands identified,Banks,Torres,Ambae,Espiritu Santo,Maewo,pentecost,Ambrym,Epi,Malakula,Efate,Erromango,Tanna

A Unique Travel Experience

Vanuatu is a tropical paradise, it has islands galore, a unique coastline with fantastic harbours, rainforests and coconut plantations in abundance. On top of this, some of the worlds most striking natural occurrences are ever present. Live volcanoes, spectacular coral reefs, idyllic islands, unique wildlife and amazing sunsets await you.

However, the Ni-Vanuatan people are truly what makes Vanuatu different and have been called the happiest culture on earth. They have a unique sense of ‘being’, they know who they are and are proud of their heritage and culture, and are only too happy to share this with travellers.

Two old men sitting talking in the market place in Lenakel, Tanna in Vanuatu.

Active Volcanoes, Stunning Tropical Waters, and a Unique Culture

Being made up of a diverse set of islands, Vanuatu has much to offer travellers. Most visitors spend the bulk of their time on the main island of Efate where the capital Port Vila is situated, however, travellers should take the time to experience either Tanna or Santo as well, and if time permits .... both. All three islands ( Efate, Tanna, and Santo) offer different things to different travellers.

The remarkably active Mt Yasur Volcano, along with a view of a cultural life that has remained much the same since before Captain Cook's visit highlights Tanna Island as a place less travelled. Santo is more sophisticated, with a great association with water both along the coast and through spring fed rivers.The Millinnium caves, the Blue Hole, and Champagne Bay provide memories you won't forget. Finally, Efate possesses a mix of island resorts, great restaurants and its own blend of tropical activities. For those wanting to really get away, try a trip out to one of the outer islands.

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Authentic Travel | Port Vila + Efate Island : Vanuatu

Authentic Travel  | Port Vila + Efate Island : Vanuatu

Authentic Travel | Tanna Island : Vanuatu

Authentic Travel  | Tanna Island : Vanuatu

Authentic Travel | Outer Islands : Vanuatu

Authentic Travel  | Outer Islands : Vanuatu

Authentic Travel | Santo Island : Vanuatu

Authentic Travel  | Santo Island : Vanuatu


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