WATT | Our Mission, Vision, and Objectives.

Our Mission Statement.

To walk amongst diverse human cultures, respecting their traditions, customs and societal norms ; celebrating their differences ; promoting a wider understanding of their way of life ; and contributing to their wellbeing through touristic enterprise.

Vision Statement.

Being part of an industry that transitions away from “mass tourism” , and instead provides exciting, smaller scale, authentic travel experiences within a wide range of settings and communities, where both travellers and host communities come away better for the experience, and have a greater appreciation of each other.

Objectives : Travellers.

Being positive and passionate about the virtues and benefits that travel experiences can provide.

Supporting, promoting and being connected with authentic travel adventures for travellers.

To be actively involved in providing cultural interaction between travellers and touristic host communities.

To disseminate great travel options to travellers through a comprehensive travel blog, and popular social media channels.

Objectives : Communities.

Advocate for communities and societies whose people could utilise tourism to lift themselves out of tourism.

Contribute to the ability of communities to increase their self-sufficiency, and strengthen their capacity to forge their own future.

Work with communities and indigenous societies to develop their own touristic enterprises highlighting their identity, heritage and culture, in a way that empowers them, and which they mandate.

Objectives :  Research.

To engage in academic research and robust debate concerning the effects of tourism on environments and communities at a societal level, with a view to contribute to the knowledge and public awareness of critical issues.

To provide data and research concerning people and communities living in poverty that facilitates the introduction of positive policies at local, regional and national governmental levels directed towards poverty alleviation.


Tourism Development.

Develop cultural tourism, geo-tourism, and alternative tourism along with a wide range of “soft adventure” options on “the road less-travelled”.

Evolve specific ethnic tourism, including culinary and gastronomic tourism, contextualised historical tourism, heritage trails, and cycle trails along with a diversified set of “soft adventure” choices on “the road well-trodden”.

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