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Reduce Poverty Village by Village | Tourism Toolbox Vanuatu.


Tourism Toolboxes provide a pathway for small communities to attain human development on their own terms, where they are able to maintain and control their own cultural identity. The concept surrounds initially imparting knowledge to local communities so that they are more able to provide hospitality and tourism facilities to visitors. The Tourism Toolboxes themselves consist of one off asset developments that are financed by social loans which included within the communities developed business plan. They are only considered once communities have shown a capability to progress with their tourism initiatives.

Travelling to Disaster Zones ?  Think About Taking a Food Package.

Travelling to Disaster Zones ? Think About Taking a Food Package.


We all assume that disaster response springs into action after a disaster and that aid gets through to those in need within a reasonable space of time. The critical point is that often major delays ensue, distribution is fragmented, and people in need suffer. While some regions receive aid expeditiously, others suffer for many weeks on end. If you are travelling to a Disaster Zone in the near future, think about taking a Food Package – It will be greatly appreciated. Better still, just take enough clothes and personal effects to fill your hand luggage and take a full food package as your main luggage.

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