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A Must See : Central Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A Must See : Central Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


UNESCO’s World Heritage sites are recognised as possessing outstanding universal value, and provide visitors with unique experiences within the world’s exceptional Natural Heritage or Cultural Heritage locations . Central Vietnam possesses three cultural sites, Hoi An Ancient Town, Complex of Hue Monuments, and My Son Sanctuary, all in close proximity of each other. The cultural characteristics and timeline of the three cultural sites are distinct from each other and provide diverse slices of ancient Vietnamese history. The sites are a must see for travellers regardless of their personal interest in history and heritage.

Visiting Central Vietnam : Why Does Ancient History Matter ?

Visiting Central Vietnam : Why Does Ancient History Matter ?


Travellers should consider visiting the south-central area as it has a variety of attractions that are steeped in history. There are three UNESCO heritage sites within close proximity of each other, seemingly unrelated. The interaction and conflict between the Dai Viet in the North, the coastal Champa Kingdom, and the Khmer Empire, have had significant impacts on the development of Vietnam. Taking the time to look at the region’s history not only makes sense of it but provides greater understanding of how the earlier peoples living in Vietnam lived their lives.

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