Glamping experiences provide glampers with a diverse range of activities, including hedonic experiences, educational experiences, escapist experiences and aesthetic experiences. Here tourists are introduced to Spanish Flamenco music.

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Glamping Experiences: Glamping’s Magic Ingredient. Author: Greg Watt


Why do tourists choose the places where they go to? Something about “going glamping” makes it different from just being another form of accommodation.

A few are exquisite, located in beautiful, authentic environments, and possessing spectacular outlooks. These are tourist honeypots, destinations in their own right. However, most must compete with hotels, airbnb accommodations and other glamping-sites. Surely, over a longer term this will result in a race to the bottom …. commodification.

It is asserted that it is the empathetic combination of glamping-spaces and glamping-experiences that prospective glampers are seeking. It is further contended that it is glamping-experiences that are more consequential than glamping-spaces.

For the most part, glampers are urbanites seeking to escape their normal existence and longing for nature-based experiences. Glamping gives access to those forms of outdoor activity, which can be integrated seamlessly. As a consequence, glamping-experiences are well positioned to fulfil the need to “get away”, to have a break, and re-charge.

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