Some of the best sights and attractions in the South Pacific involve watching tropical sunrises and sunsets on the Outer Islands of Vanuatu.
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Shopping on Remote Pacific Islands ?  Freight – Getting the Goods There.

Shopping on Remote Pacific Islands ? Freight – Getting the Goods There.


When we visit remote places, there is still an expectation of being able to buy commonplace things, with little appreciation of what it takes to get them there. Mostly, goods get distributed to outer islands by local ferry, in an archaic cycle carried out by old ferries and barges that seem more at home in the times prior to the World Wars. However taking the time to watch how the goods actually get to where they are supposed to be, leads to a new respect of how the islands make the best of, and adapt to the resources available to them. The casual observer is left pondering how those receiving goods, invariably receive every little item that they have had shipped.

Vanuatu Flights – what are the best connections

Vanuatu Flights – what are the best connections


To many, it seems that Vanuatu is one of those places that is difficult to get to, but a little bit of investigation proves otherwise. Most visitors to Vanuatu come from either Australia or New Zealand and a substantial number of flights are dedicated to these countries. Increasingly however, travellers from both North America and Asia and finding that Vanuatu is a great country to visit. Having intermediate hubs in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, along with New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea now makes it relatively easy for anyone from many countries to get to Vanuatu with only one or two stopovers from their main port of departure.

Weather in Vanuatu ?

Weather in Vanuatu ?


Getting a handle on what the weather is likely to be like is an important facet of travelling to Vanuatu. Vanuatu forms a long string of Islands which lie almost vertically and parallel to the lines of longitude and at a latitude of between 13 degrees and 21 degrees south. Because of its range in latitude, Vanuatu’s climate changes from its top (near the equator) to its bottom closer to New Caledonia. The Banks Islands near the top has high temperatures, high humidity, and rainfall all year – whereas Tanna Island in its Southernmost region has quite distinct seasonal changes and where the highlands can be quite cool in the dry season. The island of Efate (the main island where Port Vila is located) lies centrally and accordingly, has distinct seasons, but which are both generally warm all year.

Why go to Vanuatu ? and What type of Stay do you Want ?

Why go to Vanuatu ? and What type of Stay do you Want ?


The South Pacific has a way of enticing you back, again and again. Vanuatu is a unique place in the world where one can find a Country largely untouched and unspoilt by Tourism. Vanuatu possesses an abundance of sights and attractions. On top of this, the people are friendly, quick-witted and proud of their Country. It has been said that Ni-Vanuatuans are the friendliest people on earth, and in some ways this is true, and you often find yourself waving to strangers for no reason along your journeys.

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