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About Watt : Mission + Vision Statements & Objectives.

What does "Watt" set out to achieve ? Included is Watt's "Mission statement" outlining what it's purpose is, its "Vision statement" proposing future directions, along with the objectives it sets out to fulfil.

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About Watt : Greg Watt

A brief outline of Greg Watt, the principal writer including his educational qualificationsand online presence, as well as current and past tourism platforms.

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About Watt : Striking Touristic

Moments of touristic revelation shape our personal travel perspective. People who are passionate about what they do or what they believe in, sometimes experience moments of "Revelation" or "Insight" that are consequential to them at a personal level. While few in number, such "epiphanies" are often responsible for their future pathways, & outlook.

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About Watt : The Long Story - Obsessed with

A bit of a history of who we are, what we have been up to and where we are heading. It's often hard to read someone when you don't really know who they are and what they stand for.

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By Greg Watt avid traveller and author of travel websites and blogs. For an insight into all things travel in Greg's life have a look at WATT's | About Us pages. Always with an opinion regarding travelling, you can keep up to date and share travel insights with Greg at Vanuatu Traveller's Facebook Page for things in the Pacific, or Traveller-Info's Facebook Page for things elsewhere in the world,  or with Greg himself on his Linkedin Page or  Google+ Page.