This research study is carried out through Auckland University of technology (AUT) and in compliance with the University's Ethics Committee requirements all participants are required to submit a participant consent form, before their participation in the study. This ensures that they are fully informed about the research before contributing to the academic study.

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AUTEC Research Consent Form.

In order to participate in this glamping research, participants need to provide their consent to participate, a standard requirement of all academic research. The consent form is enclosed as an image on this webpage.

The study was approved by the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Ethics Committee on 17th December 2020, AUTEC reference number 20/422. Further information about AUT's research ethics guidelines can be found on their research ethics webpage

Instructions for Providing Your Participant Consent

Your consent can be submitted by:

  • Copying & pasting the consent in accordance with the video here ( < 60 sec).

Glamping Research Participant Consent Form.

Please Copy and Paste the following wording along with the Participant Consent form into an email, filling out your particulars, and send to

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I give consent for my participation in accordance with the enclosed consent form, identified by AUTEC reference 20/422.

[Participant Name]. Your Name
[Participant Email]. Your Email
[Participant Phone No.]. Your Phone No.

This form constituents acknowledgment that information supplied concerning glamping spaces and glamping experiences has been understood . Further That I have had the opportunity to ask questions about the research and have been answered. The participation consent form oulines the terms and conditions of participating in the research about glamping.

Procedures to Provide Participation Consent From Webpage.

Step-by-Step Breakdown of method: Copy Wording and Consent Form into Email.

Go to the Glamping Participant Consent form webpage to fill out and send form to

Go to wording just above the consent form and copy both the wording and the consent form

Step-1: Copy Consent Form Image off Webpage.

Images can be saved off webpages and pasted into emails or other documents.

The Glamping Participant Consent webpage will be open. Scroll down to the orange writing. Go to where the orange dotted line occurs.

Clicking and holding down mouse button to the left of the dotted line and (keeping the mouse button depressed) scroll down the wording and the consent form itself, until the cursor is below the bottom of the consent form. This will select the wording and the consent for, which should all be highlighted.

Move the cursor to the menu at the top of the page to file and select Copy. This will copy the highlighted wording and the image of the consent form to be saved (to the clipboard). You can also do this by moving the cursor over the highlighted area and right clicking the mouse, selecting Copy from the pop up menu (must select copy and not copy image which only copies the image without the wording).

Click on the email address which is in the orange writing

Email is prepopulated  with to: and Subject: PhD Glamping Research - Auckland University of Technology

Step-2: Paste Image into an Email.

Move cursor to the email address just above the consent form on the webpage and click. This will open your email, which will be pre-populated with the following:

The address to whom the email is being sent to will be filled in ....

The subject line will be filled in ...... PhD Glamping Research - Auckland University of Technology

Your email is now ready to receive what you have copied of the website.

Screenshot 2021-06-29 at 3.34.20 PM

Step-3: Complete Wording in Email and Send.

Click anywhere in the body of the email, and go to the menu at the top of the page and click Paste (you can also do this by right clicking the mouse and selecting Paste from the pop-up menu) This will paste what you have copied off the website into the body of the email.

Proceed to the orange wording, replacing the orange wording your own details ( Name, Email Address, and Phone No.).

Once completed, send email. When I receive it, I will send you the links to the surveys, which you can complete online.

Alternative Method to Provide Consent : Print Consent Form, Fill Out and Email.

Right clicking the image on the Participant Consent Form webpage on will provide a way to capture the image enabling the prticipant to sign document and sent in an email to the research their consent to participate

Download Consent Form Image off Webpage, Fill-out and send.

Right-Clicking the cursor on the image of the consent form will prompt a pop-up menu to occur at the cursor point. Click on save image as. This will cause an image of the consent form to be saved (to a location on your computer that you designate). Print off the image on A4 paper, Fill out as required on the form. Then either scan or photograph the filled out form and email. It is permissible to photograph the form using a mobile phone and send through (share -> email). Email to