“The Havannah” is one of only two tourist resorts around Port Vila which can justifiably call themselves four to five stars facilities. The trip out to the Havannah provides a great insight to the landscape of Efate. The drive up the switchback known as Klems hill is truly an experience, and would arguably be one of the steepest roads in the South Pacific. The view is exceptional though and on a clear day one can see right down along the Mele Bay coast, Port Vila and beyond. The road itself has been upgraded as a part of the Millennium project which saw the complete ring road sealed. The drive while steep in part, affords great views of the harbour.

Havannah Harbour played and important role during the second world war, providing a large safe anchorage for the allied naval presence. It is not a harbour in the true sense, but a long stretch of coastal water sheltered by two large offshore islands, Lelepa and Moso whose shape and position provide protection to the inner waters. A large deep water channel separates the two islands and provides access to Havannah Harbour to most sized ships.

Going for a drink at “The Havannah” is a great experience, due to its location. It is situated on a slight spit and has good panoramic views. One of the outstanding features is the large open-air, conical shaped roof of the resort's reception, restaurant and bar area. This feat is more outstanding when it is understood that it was constructed with little in the way of cranes and mechanical equipment. The Resort faces west and the view of the setting sun over the outer islands or the channel between while sipping a cocktail is just one of those moments to remember.


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