Annual Selections | Music to Travel By On Spotify

I take a loose look at various music themes on a monthly basis and pick 12 songs I like listening to, which would be great while travelling. I tend to have an acoustic, indie, folk, blues fusion leaning, with plenty of rock, and some reggae, & fringe country thrown in.

Semi-Acoustic | Soft Rock

12 SONGS : gregwatt-April2013

Music compilations first started in April 2013, when I finally did away with CDs and iTunes libraries. There are both free and premium versions of Spotify and so it is accessible to everybody.

The first month's selection includes semi-acoustic and cruisy soft rock tracks - great to listen to while travelling. As its the first monthly music compilation, selections are easy and some of my favourite artists.

Cruisy Alternative Folk Rock

12 SONGS : gregwatt-May2013

Twelve songs I listened to in May 2013. A mixture of cruisy semi-acoustic alternative, mainstream, folk rock with a strong indie influence.


12 SONGS : gregwatt-June2013

A blend of folk-infused rock, blues and roots music from a selection of artists who have lived and breathed the music industry for some time. As always, great to have turned up loud on a journey or listen to every day.

Blues Selection

12 SONGS : gregwatt-July2013

A blend of traditional Blues and more contemporary Blues infused Music, including folk and acoustic blues, gospel blues, country styled blues, and roots blues.

Indie / Alternative Folk Rock

12 SONGS : gregwatt-Aug2013

 A blend of acoustic singer/songwriter, indie folk/rock, alternative pop rock and a touch of alternative pop.  Starts with an Acoustic version of Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Oughta Know', a great rendition of ‘Wicked Game’ by Phillip Phillips …… but for me, the standouts are songs from Foals, Imagine Dragon, Alex Clare and Django Django. The tempo of the songs increases through the twelve songs.

Rock with a Bit of Fusion

12 SONGS : gregwatt-Sept2013

This month is ‘Rock’ with a bit of fusion, or should I say all over the place… some old and some not so old. All with a pretty fast tempo As always, great to have turned up loud on a journey or listen to every day. 

Mix of Indie Folk Pop

12 SONGS : gregwatt-Oct2013

Eclectic folk-pop singer/songwriters

12 SONGS : gregwatt-Nov2013

Twelve songs I listened to in November and is based on a collection of folk-pop singer/songwriters with acoustic, roots and blues fusion all added in.

Jack White Inspired Collection

12 SONGS : gregwatt-Dec2013

A Jack White inspired a collection of guitar-based Country/Blues/Indie fusion. Jack White seems to defy any similarities, but these semi-acoustic and guitar influenced tracks seem to fit comfortable around Jack White and his songs.

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