Dean Starne's Book "ROAM"

I start this post by a quote from Dean Starnes book "Roam" :-

" Watching Argentinians samba isn't the same as kicking off your shoes, throwing yourself into the fray and dancing until your hips hurt. To get the most out of your travel experience, concentrate less on the 'seeing' and focus more on the 'doing'.

Trust me, while some tourists may be gushing over the Islamic architecture in Esfahan (Iran), there's more fun to be had sipping tea under the arches of the Si o Se Poi bridge than gawking at yet another mosque in 40 degree heat. If you take my advice, you'll forget the laser light show, befriend a local and instead of dutifully feigning interest in yet another museum, get involved in whatever it is that really interests you. Don't get me wrong: sightseeing most definitely has its place; it's just that tourists tend to go overboard on the seeing, wheras travellers have as much time for the people as tourists have for the places."

[ start of "chapter 11- activities" - quoted with permission.]

I couldn't say it better. For anyone to really take in and enjoy a true travel experience ( at any level) you need to become a travel 'Player' and not a travel 'Watcher'. However, I don't think it is my place to re-interpret his words or experiences, as his book does that to perfection.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the read and highly recommend it to anyone who likes to travel. There is so much in this book that I would like to quote on this blog, and both the honest, clever, funny and intelligent writing is beautifully offset by a diverse range of illustrative photos. One of the great qualities incorporated, is a great sense of humour , while telling it how it really is. The reader certainly can recognize the depth of travel experience, research and insight.

I would also like to recommend his website and I believe that there may be details of where you can obtain a copy.

As for Dean, he is a professional travel writer and has visited over 75 countries (probably more than once) in fifteen years. Where he has been and what he has seen and done, would put most of us to shame. I dare say that from his perspective he is just doing what he loves to do. When I sent him an email to get approval to quote from his book, he was in Mongolia, on another journey.

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