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Are you sick of bland travel sites which purport to provide genuine travel resources and advice, only to find out that they are a regurgitation of someones else’s website, or equally as bad, that of Wikipedia ? Putting up freely obtained travel information that you know little or nothing about and posting it in a way that gives the image that you are an authority on that destination, surely is akin to moral and ethical fraud.

Or, how many times have travel companies send you the deal of the century for a destination, that you perhaps know of and have thought of going to ( and the deal seems to be too good to be true). The travel companies provide little in the way of information but – Boy those pictures look great ! How many times have you found to your disgust that the travel experience you imagined was a hoax and the ‘real’ experience was somewhat forgettable ( commonly called ‘bait and switch’).

In the end it comes down to a matter of ‘Trust’.

This ‘travel blog’ is not intended to be politically correct, but it is intended to be a great resource for travellers who want to tailor travel experiences they won't forget in a hurry.

We will only provide advice, reviews and itineraries on places we have actually travelled to. Further, we don’t claim to have been to every attraction, place of significance, or view at any of the destinations we include within the blog. What you will get is a collection of researched articles, posts and resources which are based on what we view as highlights of our travels.  The one thing that we will guarantee, is that it will be ‘opinionated’, which we think is refreshing and an honest perspective on travel.

We hope that we are able to provide some travel information for you, and as a consequence become an ongoing resource that you will keep coming back to in the future.

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