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Tourism’s Thorny Issues.

Tourism’s Thorny Issues.

Travel Experiences Shape Us.

In many ways, we grow from our ongoing travel, and the more we travel, the more we are shaped by our experiences. Travellers look to become more culturally venturesome, and more adventurous in choosing travel destinations.

This website is for those travellers that want to be more informed about where they are going, to understand some context; scenic, cultural, historical, or thematic. What are great things to see and do, the things that are authentic to that destination, the characteristics about a region that make it a standout? These aspects provide us with the reasons for going, the “pull factors” that fuel our expectations.

However, this needs to be tempered with some pragmatism, and in a real-world, travellers need also to be “in the know”. What are some of the issues with, problems about, and things not to do at a destination?

Vanuatu is a great place for soft adventure and kayaking is a popular activity for travellers.

Cripta Gaudi  at Colonia Guell located just outside of Barcelona in Spain is both a Historical and an Architectural site that appeals to travellers seeking authentic travel.

Six Salient Topics of Tourism.

Destination: The World.

For each of us, there is an abundance of unique global travel experiences just right for our travel personalities. The difficulty is that sometimes it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, and discovering the travel niche that suits us amongst the chaff can be a process. Forget the bucket list of travel tick-boxes, this is for travellers that want more than superficial travelling. Destination World is for travellers who want to travel with depth, to know and understand something about where they are going, and not figure on merely passing through.

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Destination: Vanuatu.

We fell into jobs in Papua New Guinea in the 80’s not really knowing anything about Melanesia and had to quickly adapt to the ensuing culture shock. Many years later we still have a close relationship with Melanesia being deeply involved within Vanuatu, helping out a remote community with their tourism initiative.

Destination Vanuatu provides an array of travel experiences, idyllic landscapes, must-see natural phenomenon, cultural insights into Ni-Vanuatu “kastom”, along with meeting wonderful friendly people.

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Themed Travel.

Whats your thing? Do you enjoy diving deep into cultural experiences, or perhaps you are enthusiastic about cycling rail trails through a countries past, trekking through unbelievable scenery, or visiting ancient historical sites. Themed travel can be the focus of any trip from unbelievable architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona, Vietnamese cuisine in Ho Chi Minh city, or exploring the ancient world in Cappadocia Turkey. Travel journeys can be framed around a single theme, or a combination, and add to the richness of the travel experiences.

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Social Initiatives.

For those of us who enjoy experiential travel, it is difficult not to form some connection with some of the destinations we travel to, especially when those communities are striving to eke out a future for themselves within harsh environments.

Sometimes the connection in our travels make us want to do something for the communities we have visited. Becoming involved in social initiatives in places that we have visited can be a rewarding experience that needn’t be an overbearing commitment.

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Travel Planning & Issues.

Like most things in life, travel can be complicated, issues can occur, and things do go wrong. For those that don’t want to get involved in the organisational side, that’s what travel agents are for. For everyone else, being well informed before your trip is everything; getting up to speed on how to prepare for a trip, investigating types of accommodation, pitfalls & safeguards around booking agreements, & seeing how climate change may affect you, are all essential facets. At a personal level, developing a code of social responsibility in regard to your own behaviour is important.

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Academic Mutterings.

Tourism research involves the weaving of various threads of economics, political science, geography, sociology, and anthropology. Despite, or because of this, studies involving tourism can be complicated, dynamic, and location specific, but ultimately its results are applied to real situations and can have far-reaching consequences. Specific topics discussed within this website include host/resident perceptions, authenticity in travel, pro-poor tourism, and the dichotomy of alternative and mass tourism. You think that they have no relevance to your travels? You might be surprised.

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So, What's This Website About ?

Juxtaposed sculptures in San Sebastian on the north coast of Spain, where a Melanesian warrior is framed in a core 10 steel picture frame , and is of interest for travellers who like themed travel.

A fantastic strawberry and raspberry tart in Bruge  Belgium that would appeal to authentic travellers to like culinary themed tourism

The sun setting on the horizon over the sea as seen from a Vanuatu island.

A Cyclist crossing over a suspension bridge in the outback of Thailand while on a cycling adventure in South East Asia.

Swimmers ready to go into the Blue Cave on the north tip of Tanna Island Vanuatu to experience the surreal light that the cave possesses, a popular authentic attraction.

Eclectic Travel Narratives ?

This website is an eclectic narrative that contains a :

  • Travelogue about destinations, activities and attractions.
  • Travel blog that is more akin to the diarised experiences of travellers.
  • Channel for the promotion of interesting travel destinations.
  • Portfolio of photos, taken by an amateur photographer, who has spent an inordinate amount of time travelling parts of the globe.
  • Researcher’s store of notes and scratchings about places that are of passing interest to visitors.

Travel Expectations & Realities ?

The mention of a destination’s name will conjure up images within us that we associate with that place. As travellers, we develop expectations about the experiences we will encounter, imprinted largely by advertising flashed in front of us. Whether we enjoy the actual travel depends on how it matches up to those expectations. A romantic sojourn in Venice, an exotic holiday in Bali, a historical moment at Pompeii, or a cultural experience in Kathmandu can all turn sour, not because of what they are, but of how we buy into the hype and bullshit.

Knowledge is everything, and being informed shapes expectations with reality.

Travelling with Depth ?

This website is also a vehicle for travellers to look a bit deeper into tourism and travel, what are the effects and impacts we as travellers have on the world, both locally and globally. How do we as travellers affect the places we travel through, and what do residents and hosts really think about us? What is authenticity in travel, and does it actually matter? Do we care about the people and communities that we meet and are we interested in how tourism could be configured to benefit the poor? Most travellers have views on mass-tourism, over-tourism, alternative-tourism, and community-based tourism but do our own actions contribute to the problems encountered with the former few and failures of the later couple. Finally, is sustainability just another catch-phrase that the industry has grasped onto and dissipated with rhetoric.

What This Website is Not. deals with topic such as overtourism, shown here with scenes of La Ramblas in Barcelona Spain

Riding a cable car in San Francisco is an authentic travel experience that travellers shouldn't miss.

Ni-Vanuatu children playing in tubs in Efate Island in Vanuatu during a tour arranged by a Community Based Tourism Project.

A group of local villagers on Tanna Island during a walking tour along a kastom trail arranged by a Community Based Tourism Project.

It's Not about 'Eldorado'.

Lets be frank, its definitely not a colour brochure advertising an impossible “Eldorado” to gullible tourists. For a start, too many words and photo’s that are not taken by professional photographers. Authentic travel is about getting real about destinations, the great, the interesting, and the not so good. All destinations have a “yin and yang” and that's what makes them what they are, not a staged virtual reality.

It's Not all About Us.

The website tries not to be all about us. Clearly, for readers to have any affinity with our “travel brand”, readers need to know something about us, after all, would you really take off on a travel experience based on what a complete stranger tells you. To have integrity and believability within the travel space readers need to know who we are and what we stand for, and hopefully, we have included sufficient information about ourselves in our “about section”.

It's Not Affliated

“Watt” is not associated with any destination marketing organisation, nor affiliated with any national tourism body, and there is no inducements or incentives from such organisations to have them featured. Any travel that we undertake is paid for ourselves, and destinations are chosen simply because they fit with our travel personality and interest.

The website does have links to other external websites that add to the travel conversation, and which we feel complement the travel space that we are involved in. Everything included in the website is based on destinations, journey’s, trips, tours, and experiences we ourselves have done or can recommend. If you like what we are doing on “Watt”, then we feel that these will also be of interest to you.

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